How do you film 3D TV?

To film 3D TV production crews must use two camera rigs to capture the action and the two images are later merged in order to create depth. Different filming techniques are also required for filming 3D TV than for 2D TV. For example, the cameras have to linger longer on shots rather than having several short choppy scenes otherwise the image begins to appear surreal. Panasonic recently showed a small home video camera at the CES to record home movies in 3D. Keep in mind though that it cost is around $21,000.

How much bandwidth will 3D TV take up?

It will probably consume around 6MHz and although this is more than 2D TV, it's still very possible to broadcast 3D TV.

What is passive stereo?

3D stereoscopic pictures are created by polarizing the image for the left and right eyes differently. You must wear polarized glasses to view the image in 3D.

What is ghosting?

Ghosting is when the left eye perceives some of what the right eye should be seeing or vice versa. This is very similar to cross talk and it usually creates a double image on the screen.

What is field of depth?

The farthest depth that can be displayed on a screen (i.e. 3D) with a certain resolution.