What are the different types of 3D TV?

There are several different methods to create the 3D effect, including anaglyphic, polarization, alternative-frame sequencing, and auto-stereoscopic displays. All but auto-stereoscopic require some type of glasses, whether it is red-cyan, polarized, or active-shutter. Both Panasonic and Sony have developed alternate-frame sequencing 3D TVs, while LG and Philips are working on auto-stereoscopic displays.

Do I have to wear 3D movie glasses to watch 3D TV?

Yes, you must wear 3D active shutter glasses in order to view 3D TV. Philips and LG are developing a 3D TV that doesn’t require glasses to come out in 2011. TCL also just unveiled a 3D TV that has a rippled screen instead of requiring glasses at the CES that will be available in 2011.

What can I watch on 3D TV?

Discovery, IMAX and Sony are working together to develop a 24-hour 3D network to come out in 2011 with entertainment, sports, and natural history tv shows. ESPN will have an all-3D channel premiering on June 11, 2010 for the World Cup that will air at least 85 events (including the Summer X Games, college basketball, and college football) for one year. When events are not playing on ESPN’s channel, the screen will be blank. DirecTV and Panasonic have announced that they will work together to start 3 HD 3D channel by June 2010. They plan on broadcasting MLB All-Star games, MTV, CBS, and NBC.

Can you play computer games in 3D?

Yes, the Open-GL and DirectX systems are compatible for displaying 3D on the 3D TV screen so you can play games such as Counter Strike.

Can I play video games in 3D?

Sony is developing downloadable 3D software for PlayStation games and is hoping to make it available by March 2011. Games that are supposed to support 3D include GT5, Wipeout HD, Super StarDust HD, and Burnout Paradise.