Should I Buy 3D-Ready HDTV and 3D-Ready Blu-Ray Players?

Yes, as you make new equipment purchases, you should plan to buy 3D-Ready HDTV and 3D-Ready Blu-Ray players. Purchasing these may allow you to view 3D cable or 3D satellite channels. Note that older equipment may not work.

When will 3D TV content be available?

You'll know when 3D TV content is available first and foremost from the ads. You'll have to click on the ads on the right side of this page to see the details, but if they are advertising 3D TV content, that means the race is on. Sports are likely the first content that will converted to 3D TV programming, followed by movies. The other hot 3D TV commodity: 3D video games. 3D TV video games will likely dominate the top holiday gift lists over the next several years.

When will 3D TV be available?

3D TV will be available "soon," and may be ready right now. To know for sure, click on the ads on the right of this page to see their details, as they are the real barometer of readiness. You can be sure that as soon as 3D TVs are available, they will be advertised in spades.

Where can I find 3D content to watch?

Finding 3D content can still be a challenge, but 3D content is on the way. Sky in the UK is planning to launch a dedicated 3D channel, and may have already done so by the time you read this. However, in the short term, you will need to be in a select UK pub to see Sky's 3D content. Longer term, you will be able to enjoy 3D content from Sky in your home on your own 3D TV.

How does 3D TV work?

It employs stereoscopic technology by using 3D active shutter glasses. These glasses allow you to see through only one lens at a time and create an image for each of your eyes. Your mind merges these two images and allows you to perceive depth, making the picture on the screen appear 3D.